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Consider helping our forum grow by sharing your knowledge about living in the Greater Vancouver area. Registration is free and only takes a few moments to complete. Forum Vancouver. So your first year and second year calculus courses are definitely included MATH,etc. Tip 2 - Friends with older siblings and previous students have always been the best resource for old exams. I've been informed that Dan the Tutor has stopped tutoring and released his final exam prep material for free as a bunch of zip files ChemMathMathPhysPhysMath Thats awesome!

Does anyone have the eosc practice final on hand? The AMS exam database no longer works. Is there another general exam bank? I found a new one for law students only. YouBeeSeeNov 28, Reply to Thread. Show Ignored Content.

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Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Professor in the Mathematics department at Simon Fraser University. I'm Professor Gray Submit a Correction. Professor Gray's Top Tags. Respected Lots of homework Tough grader Amazing lectures Caring. Flag this rating. Check out Similar Professors in the Mathematics Department 5. May 25th, For Credit: Yes. Justin is probably one of the best profs in the math department if not the best, hes great at explaining complex stuff and exams are fair, hes quizzes are hard tough.

Respected Lots of homework Inspirational. May 15th, He's a very hard teacher.

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Even if you've taken precal previously this course will still most likely be challenging with him. Don't rely on his notes, self teach yourself.

Get help as much as possible if you need to. His final was really difficult compared to his midterms imo.

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Attend class for participation marks. Do LOTS of homework practice. Lots of homework Tough grader. Apr 10th, Justin was a nice guy, but u have to do as much practices as you can. Lots of homework Participation matters Caring. Apr 2nd, Jan 24th, Sep 6th, This course is tough to begin with, but Justin is a good professor who explained the material very clearly.

Lots of homework questions are assigned to make sure that you have a solid understanding of concepts. Justin was sometimes a bit disorganized and would post lecture slides less than an hour before the lecture, but he was still great! Aug 23rd, He was really fair past midterm 1. I agree that we were given too many questions for midterm 1 and too little time to complete. However, in the latter part of the course he was really fair. He scaled the class in the end, so if you did significantly better on the finals than on one of the midterms, the finals would be worth a lot more.

Tough Grader Respected Get ready to read. Aug 12th, He was a really fare prof and explain every concept despite of the limited time he had for his lecture. His exams are fare too.Toggle navigation.

math 154 sfu reddit

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I'm entering SFU this fall, and am looking around for what kind of major I want. There's basically 4 I've been considering: -Kinesiology -MBB -Biology -Health Sci I'm signed up for biological sciences, but am having some second doubts about my choice.

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I was just wondering if people who have taken any of these courses could give me some recommendations on how they are liking the class, is it interesting? Ultimately, I'd like to apply for a med school after this, what's the general consensus for the usual route people take?

Which one would most easily get me a higher GPA? And if I don't make it to med school odds are I probably won't, so much competition Thanks very much in advance. June edited June Wow one big block of text makes me not want to read that. Remember, grammar is your friend. I would recommend Biology or Health Sciences.

Math 155 -- Calculus II

These programs consist of mid-level classes covering a variety of different topics, so the work load is interesting and manageable. As for medical school, keep in mind that you don't have to have a Science degree to be considered for admission. You can have an Arts degree for all they care as long as you have completed all the prerequisite courses.

Unfortunately, the prerequisites are mostly Science classes so students usually end up pursuing a Bachelor's in Science as opposed to an unrelated field.

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Some other things to keep in mind are that everyone's interests and personalities vary. What you are interested in has a big part to play in how successful you will be in the faculty you choose. For example, if you genuinely like bird watching, camping, and are an outdoors type of person, you will love the Ecology stream of Biology which deals with Plants, Animals, the Environment and all the interactions between them.

Or if you like human anatomy, sports, and how the body works you will prefer Kinesiology. Most students that are new to University don't really know what they like, so the best way to find out is by enrolling in the different classes. If you are undecided at this point, it's usually best to take a year or so to explore your interests before making a decision about which major to pursue.

math 154 sfu reddit

You literally have to be the "cream of the crop. I mean i just applied for science year one Kevin M. You have to declare a Major sometime in second year I think thats what he meant.

Go to the Applied Science main office one day they will have all the options there, or you can look online in the Program Planners Oh yea, and according to which Major you choose, those are the type of classes you will be taking in your upper division year 3 and 4.

For now you don't really have to worry about picking a major, what you do have to think about is getting all the requisites you need to declare a major in your second year. You have been accepted in to science year 1 surrey im assuminglook at the program planners that Kevin M. Im doing MBB right now and it is harder than just Biology but it really depends on what you want to become later on. In my first semester I took chemmathphysand biothat was a pretty heavy course load and i didnt end up doing so well, so I would recommend throwing some Arts classes into the mix as well Just make sure your knocking off some pre-requisites off the list of classes you need to complete your specific major, so you can get out of here as soon as possible.

Leave a Comment.Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign In. June edited June in General. Hey guys I have been trying to look all over the place to see what a certain percentage constitutes as a letter grade at sfu but I can't seem to find anything. They give you how much each grade is worth in regards to GPA but nothing for how much a percent is worth as a grade.

Anyone have any info on this? June edited June It depends on the faculty and the prof. The prof will give you this information on the outline at the beginning of the term, but you can also search for course outlines on the SFU website if you'd like to know before signing up for a class, for example.

I looked on the course outline nothing there. Even on the website couldn't find anything there I guess I'll just try calling tommorow morning and asking them. Which course is it for? Depends on faculty. If not by distribution ie. Gap between C- 1. Psyc is always on a distribution.

Besides my two intro psych courses, nothing is written solid. Hence where I said depends on your faculty. And yah, poli-sci cut off is lower for As and such.

Malakaiii; said:. In science classes the grades one gets are usually normalized by this magic black box of a computer program, and in doing so the marks are then re-binned to some sort of standard. It really is a lot murkier in university and it's easy to see why so many students play games with their professors to try and get extra marks. Leave a Comment.Standard Grade System.

The letter grade FD fail, academic discipline is given by the chair of the department when a student has committed academic dishonesty see Policy S The letter grade N incomplete is given when a student has enrolled for a course, but did not write the final examination or otherwise failed to complete the course work, and did not withdraw before the deadline date.

An N is considered an F for purposes of scholastic standing. A student receiving a grade of N must re-enrol for the course and participate in the course again, completing course requirements approved by the instructor, to achieve a different evaluation. Competency Based Grades. This grading system is based on satisfactory acquisition of defined skills or successful completion of the course learning outcomes. The designation P pass will be given when a student successfully completes a course graded on a pass P or withdrawn W basis.

This grade has no numerical equivalent and does not affect the term grade point average or the cumulative GPA. The designation W withdrawn will be given when a student is withdrawn after the course drop period for a course graded on a pass P or withdrawn W basis. The grade of W has no numerical equivalent and does not affect either the term grade point average or the cumulative grade point average.

Aegrotat standing AE may be awarded in an incomplete course on medical or compassionate grounds by the registrar acting on the recommendation of the instructor or department chair.

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Written evidence must substantiate such a request, given that the course requirements have been substantially fulfilled. This evidence normally must be received by the registrar or department within 96 hours of a scheduled final exam or within 96 hours of the last day of term lectures for which such standing is requested. Courses for which aegrotat standing is awarded are not included in the GPA calculation.

Audit is an AU notation that is recorded when a student has approval from the department not to complete the course for credit. The last day to audit a course is the end of week one of the term. Audited courses will not count toward degree requirements. A performance equivalent to a C grade or higher is required for a successful course challenge. The department concerned must submit a report to the registrar on or before the last day for regular grades submission for that term indicating the final disposition for the course challenge in the term.

There is no provision for extension or deferral. Results will be recorded by departments as successful, unsuccessful or unattempted. Successful results will appear on transcripts and statements of standing with the entry CC in the grade column and with units shown.Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign In. December edited December in General. Hi, From past experiences, usually what percentage has gotten you the letters grades A,B,C, etc I just had my Math and Biology final exams and I'm worried that I may have failed them.

Thanks in advance! December They don't scale single exams anymore, but they do scale the overall mark which includes all your exams and assignments. Each professor does it differently and it depends on how the rest of the class did, so you'll just have to wait and see. December edited December Simon Thanks! I appreciate your response Are those classes curved like what you said?

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C- is ? Mathfrom my experiences, is definitely marked on a curve. Generally, there are no fit percent ranges for letter grades, especially if the class is marked on a curve. Like Simon has stated, how you do in a class that is marked on a curve is determined by how the rest of the class does. Thx in advance! There is a C. Thx a lot!

math 154 sfu reddit

April Is BISC marked on a curve? I know the lab is. Does it mean that the whole course is marked on a curve since the lab is on a curve? Leave a Comment.Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign In. January edited January in General. Take the next semester? How does that work? Does it over ride your math mark when you're done. January edited January You can't choose to do over JayDub; said:. It won't over write your mark foryou just satisfy the pre requisite which bother offer if they do offer the same one in some cases.

So you still keep your D or F. I don't think you need to ask an advisor to re-take a course, could be wrong, but I doubt it. You can get an F in a course and graduate, as long as its not required, and if it is required you re-take it Which raises an interesting hypothetical: What if you fail a required course, and you already used up your 5 repeats You can graduate with as many F's on your transcript as long as you satisfy the minimum requirements of each faculty you are graduating from ie.

Take a look at the course planners for that. I would recommend taking Math which is an easier version of Mathand I've heard cases of the faculty allowing you to use the mark to replace but you have to fill out an application for that, it doesn't happen automatically. Which raises an interesting hypothetical: What if you fail a required course, and you already used up your 5 repeats Simon; said:.

Youre now asking about something that is subjectively decided I'd go talk to the appropriate staff member and see My friend took both and and his failing mark was cancelled out. Despite what JayDub says, they are very similar I wish I had known about in my first semester as it would've probably saved me a lot of trouble and let me sleep in on fridays In math you learn how to graph.

In math you learn how to do derivatives. JayDub I get the idea the course you're thinking of is Math EricJ; said:. No, totally different course in credits. Leave a Comment.


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